Fine Art Prints

Select original pieces are available as giclée prints. These reproductions - all on paper nearly to identical to those originally used - are effectively indistinguishable to the original pieces. All prints purchased off this site are $55.00 plus shipping. I don't believe in selling these framed, not only would that have to jack up the cost but who knows if the frame I use works with the wall where you'd hang it? So they are only available unframed.

A shopping cart is being developed, in the interium If you are interested in obtaining a signed and numbered giclée print, email .
Frankenstein's Monster giclée print   9 X 12

Cheney Wolfman giclée print   9 X 12

Dracula giclée print   9 X 12

Bride of Frankenstein giclée print   9 X 12

Burg Frankenstein giclée print   8 X 10

Notre Dame Gargoyle giclée print   8 X 10

Fine Art Prints