Past Exhibits & Shows


Sussex County Arts & Heritage Council International Perspective

September 21 - October 19

An unusual show for this organization that is perfect for me highlighting International and Global Perspectives.

Sussex County Arts & Heritage Council 2023 Juried Show

May 6 - June 1

Tried these 2 again, this time scored the Executive Director Award for Triple Bridge on Ljubljanica

Whitespace Gallery

January 13 - 23

Nice and local in Hackettstown, the New Jersey Art Association held the first open show of 2023 at the Whitespace Gallery. Some great work, there are a lot of impressive artists 'round these parts. 2 out of 3 of my entries were accepted.

8th Annual Xpose Exhibit

February 10 - March 3

My first forey into a photography exhibit. Looks like Slovenian scenes are a good foot in the door, 3 out of 3 entries taken from my 2022 trip made it to the wall. Prints were all 20" X 12" and taken on my Samsung S22.


Mt. Olive Library

October 1 - November 1

A kind of exciting milesone this one, for the first time someone contacted me about the Strange Tales in Stone exhibit and presentation!

Guild of Creative Art 28th Annual Open Juried Show

October 6 - 31

No awards this year and 2 of 3 accepted. Better luck next time!


Parsippany Library

November 1 - 30

Following my first ZOOM lecture for the Parsippany Library Strange Tales in Stone as well as various other realted works occupied the library's gallery

Guild of Creative Art 27th Annual Open Juried Show

October 6 - 31

Only one accepted this year, skulls anyone? No awards this year and only 1 of 3 accepted. Oh well.

Randolph Free Public Library

October 1 - November 1

Strange tales in stone exhibit and presentationlike what was supposed to happen last year! Presentation done live.

Sussex County Arts & Heritage Council Skylands 21

Summer 2021

2021, Covid still putting the kibosh on live art exhibits and openings. But on the bright side I'm honored to say that I won my first Best In Show with Tauber ob der Rothenburg at the Sussex County Arts & Heritage Council annual juried show.


The Randolph Library

October 1 - November 1

The Strange tales in Stone collection and accompanying monster portraits on exhibit along with the free-standing display providing a brief description of each site in leiu of the cancelled in-person presentation. I was offered to have it scheduled again for 2021.

Guild of Creative Art 28th Annual Virtual Juried Show

opened October 5 (online only)

2020, not a great year for art openings or most anything else. But for me a good year for entering virtual shows, I finally managed to win an award more distinguished than honorable mention with Tauber ob der Rothenburg being chosen for the Caivano Memorial Award for Watercolor !

The Art Association in Roxbury Fall 2020 Virtual Art Show

opened October 6 (online only)

A second award from a more local art association, Alsatian Christmas was awarded 3rd place after Best in Show.


The Mount Olive Library

October 16 - November 14

Strange tales in stone exhibit and presentation. I think it was the best of my 4 presentations, a friendly crowd into old school monsters. They wanted to keep it up after Halloween for the Election Day crowd on November 5th. So much for the days of being the scariest thing in the room.

Guild of Creative Art 27th Annual Open Juried Show

October 6 - 31

Last year I went all watercolors, this year 2 out of my 3 entries for this event were drawings. Like Thee from the strange tales in stone collection won an acheivement award, otherwise known as "honorable mention". 40% of entries were accepted and 20% of those won something, no paying prize but still a good day.

MonsterBash 2019

June 19 - June 21

Got a lot of admiration but not much in sales. Still, a fun event and I got inquiries about making strange tales in stone into a book and illustrating a horror novel cover. Best of all my Frankenstein and bride painting was bought by the bride!

Sussex County Arts & Heritage Council 2019 Juried Show

May 18 - June 22

3 Paintings and 2 drawing were submitted to the SCA&HS 32nd Annual Juried Show, the paintings didn't make it but the drawings did. Of those two Last Step, the drawing of the tower at Carrigogunnell Castle, won The President's Award - 1 of 15 prizes. My first cash award!

The Tewksbury Library

Exhibition March 2019, presentation March 2

My first show in a library, what a great venue! The presentation elaborated on the real world foundations of classic horror using examples from my collection as visual aids. The audience was around 20, for the library that was a full house!


Bing ComicCon

October 27, 2018

My home town of Springfield, MA has sponsored a ComicCon event since 2012 hosted by the arts center that exhibited stones in both their galleries. How could I not get a table? Estimated 500 attendees but I made my first 4 sales!


October 13 - November 15, 2018

The Atelier Rosal frame shop and gallery in Rahway, NJ hosted Samhain, named for the pagan precursor to All Saints and All Souls Day and ultimately Halloween. I was able to put together five pieces for this one.

Bing Arts Center

September 22, 2018 - January 19, 2019

The building that was my local movie theater as a kid, before the area's first mall or multiplex, is now an arts center with 2 galleries. stones occupied both - castles on the left, monsters on the right.

Guild of Creative Art 26th Annual Open Juried Show

September 29 - October 31, 2018

My first juried show, 98 pieces of art were accepted from 232 submissions. All three of my entries made it into the show with Sun of Frankenstein and Hobbit Crossing both winning bronze achievement awards.
Additionally Hobbit Crossing was selected by Bev Scaff of a group called Floralia who, among other things, create floral arrangements inspired by works of art. Here is what Hobbit Crossing made her see - I just love it!

Thisilldous Street Art Fair

May 5, 2018

Belvidere, NJ's first annual art fair. Mill street was blocked off and 5 artist set up tents. The 7 hour event saw a steady stream of visitors. I didn't sell anything but this one worked out really well as an exhibit. Folks love talking about this stuff!


Morris County Arts Workshop (The Hive) gallery

October 28 - December 1, 2017 (selected pieces thru 2/2018)

The first full collection was exhibited late in 2017 at The Hive in Chester. A total of 30 pieces - 14 classic monster watercolors, 13 castle ruin pencil renderings and 3 castle ruin watercolors filled the entire gallery space.

Walsh Gallery display window

October 19 - December 8, 2017

The Nova Initio Foundation arranged for a 6 week exhibit at the Walsh Gallery of Seton Hall in Orange, NJ on display from Thursday, October 19 thru to December 8, 2017. 2 pieces from the stones exhibit were displayed along with 2 collages depicting the progressive steps in developing 2 pieces that wove in elements environmental to the subject matter.

Nova Initio Foundation fund raiser

October 7, 2017

The Nova Initio Foundation arranged for a one day exhibit at the Guild of Creative Art in Shrewsbury, NJ on Saturday, October 7 as a fund raiser for the foundation. 12 pieces from the stones exhibit were displayed pairing real life locations with fictional monstrosities. This was the first time pieces from the stones collection were displayed publically.

Past Exhibits & Shows